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A look back on my first year in recruitment

​A look back on my first year in recruitmentAn interview with James Chichester, Consultant At Trident Search we’ve created an environment for thought leaders where innovation and collaboration are ...

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From Cyber Start-Up to Cyber Scale-Up: The Challenges Faced in Expansion

​SummaryOur next scoop delves into the many challenges commercial teams face in today's market, especially within the start-up arena. Our recent Trident Talks provided insight into the current pra...

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How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome

Is it normal to feel imposter syndrome?Working in recruitment, we collectively speak to hundreds of people each week. A reoccurring theme we encounter is imposter syndrome; studies have shown that ...

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Key Lessons from Building a SOC in 2021

​We supported the build of many Security Operations Centre’s (SOC) throughout 2021. So, we thought it may be beneficial to highlight some of the key learning points for SOC leaders looking to bui...

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