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Unlocking Success: How can Venture Capital firms harness people strategy to maximise returns?

​Venture Capital (VC) is one of the fastest growing industries in the USA. Referring to a form of funding used by investors to provide to startup companies and small businesses with long-term growt...

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Cyber Forum Report

The Cyber Security Innovation Forum: The AI Arms Race

​In September 2023, Trident Search welcomed expert guests to the Cyber Security Innovation Forum to tackle one of the most complex and fast-evolving challenges in the industry: the exponential grow...

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Trident Search wins Best Cyber Recruitment Agency 2023!

​We’re pleased to announce that Trident Search has been awarded Best Cyber Recruitment Agency in the 2023 SME News Business Elite Awards. These awards were set up five years ago to celebrate enter...

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What does customer success mean for your business?

​Sales, pre-sales and post-sales are considered the trifecta of hunting new business. The three work in perfect harmony: the salesperson gets the introduction, the engineer showcases the product an...

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H2 2023: What trends are we seeing in cyber recruitment?

​Last week the UK government released its long-anticipated report on the state of the cyber labour force. With the concerning assertion that 50% of businesses have a basic skills gap when it comes ...

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The AI Arms Race: risk and reward on both sides of the battlefield

​Picture the scenario. Your home address, national insurance number and bank details have been stolen by hackers, and now they’re asking you to negotiate directly to get them back. It’s a terrifyin...

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