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The Cyber Security Innovation Forum: Diversity and Inclusion

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​In June 2023 we welcomed expert guests to The Cyber Security Innovation Forum, the second event in our series connecting leaders across the cyber security industry. These forums were set up with one specific purpose: to hold our industry leaders accountable for driving real change.

We were investigating one of the hottest topics in cyber right now: the issue of diversity and inclusion. It's no secret there's a major issue in the industry, with some estimates claiming 81% of employee’s are male and 83% white. The issue is evident whenever you look around the room in any cyber event. Yet progress towards better integration of diversity initiatives is painfully slow. However, with threats against our industry coming from every front, diversity has never been more important; how are we supposed to overcome adversaries if we cannot think and act like they do? That’s why it’s so important to have diversity of thought and lived experience in the industry, and exactly why we believed it necessary to get some of the top leaders in cyber security together to talk about it.

Download our latest report to see some of the ideas and strategies that came out of this event, and the actions all leaders can take to improve diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their business.

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