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Women in Cyber Security

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​Women in cyber security - Trident Talks | Tracy Shepherd & Emma Weise

On her experience in cyber security and education - Emma Weise

Cybersmart is leading the way for women in cyber, which is excellent. however, the teams I've worked with are predominantly men. It is about informing women from a young age about cyber security and getting them excited. It wasn't like that when I was at school, and how we educate people in cyber security needs to change.


On how promote cyber security to schools – Tracy Shepherd

Suppose you brought in the technical aspect of cyber security and created more cyber security activities. In that case, you will find some enjoyable elements, and potentially, students might be more interested.

It can be beneficial for female professionals within the industry to attend career talks in schools to come in and inspire females about the world of cyber security. It will show them it isn't just a bunch of male developers or dedicated to geeky people, but there are women in cyber too, which is essential.

That's changing as we're seeing Women in Cyber Weeks highlighting all the types of cyber security opportunities and advising women to take coding classes.

There are many choices to explore the industry to improve visibility.


On dealing with imposter syndrome – Emma Weise

I believe tackling imposter syndrome is essential, and in cyber security, people will question themselves and may have self-doubt; "there's so much to learn" and "what if I don't know", and it's because the industry is changing all the time. It's okay to have the answers because we're never always going to know every question. Not knowing the solution gives you room to develop.

It gives you chances to learn and improve, which is exciting in cyber security because it's constantly changing, so there's always something new coming on the horizon.

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