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Sean Lumley | Trident Talks

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Sean Lumley | Trident Talks

Growing a cyber security business & tips for military leavers

Our Director Josh Keeley is joined by Sean Lumley, a British Veteran, highly successful founder of multiple security businesses and now on a philanthropic mission connected to his home town in South Africa.

This isn't just a cyber security episode, Sean Lumley drops knowledge bombs for those in business and leaving the military.

Sean is a British Army veteran and proven entrepreneur that has successfully planned and engineered business and operating models for fast growing services businesses.

Six years ago he started TorchlightGroup, a counter threat business focusing on the integration of specialist intelligence, cyber, defence, security and justice capabilities for government and commercial clients. His contribution saw Torchlight grow to a Times Fast Track 100 and FT 1000 company during this time.

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