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James Lyne (Founder, Secure Impact) | Trident Talks

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​James Lyne (Founder, Secure Impact) | Trident Talks

This episode of Trident Talks, Sean Hendon speaks with James Lyne from Secure Impact to discuss security issues, dealing with cybercriminals and how Secure Impact help businesses develop the right level of security.

James is the founder of Secure Impact, SANS’ Chief Technology Officer and founder of CyberStart, a gamified cyber security learning platform used by hundreds of thousands. He has worked with many organizations on security strategy, handled a number of severe incidents and is a frequent industry advisor. He is a certified instructor at the SANS Institute and is often a headline presenter at industry conferences.

James has also been featured on many TV programs explaining security issues and delivered multiple TED talks. With a rich background in security across disciplines, and many years leading the battle against cyber criminals at Sophos, James is passionate about helping organisations build up their defence capabilities and improve their cyber security posture in a meaningful way.

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