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Mike Macpherson (CISO, Insurwave) | Trident Talks

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Mike Macpherson (CISO, Insurwave) | Trident Talks

This week on Trident Talks, we speak with Michael Macpherson (CISO, Insurwave).

Mike Macpherson is a grass roots engineer who started his 14 year career in the British armed forces, specialising in airfield radar and secure communications systems. He served an additional 18 months with NATO as a satellite communications engineer which led him into his first role in the commercial sector as a Network Engineer. Mike has accelerated his career and adapted to the ever-changing industry, he has worked for various government, global managed service providers and broadcast media organisations.

His natural curiosity and broad work experience led him into his first Information Security role in June of 2017, in this short space of time Mike has adapted his skillset and his mindset and challenged the status quo of the industry.

In under three years he has secured his first role as a CISO for Insurwave, who are an InsurTech organisation focused on creating digital pathways for risk owners.

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