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Hylton Stewart (Head of Security, Conosco) | Trident Talks

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Hylton Stewart (Head of Security, Conosco) | Trident Talks

This episode we speak with Hylton Stewart, Head of Security at Conosco.

Hylton Stewart has been in the technical IT industry for over 20 years, starting in IT support, technical management and systems engineering, and more recently specialising in governance, risk, compliance and cybersecurity. He has worked in a variety of sectors including retail, education, manufacturing and MSSPs.

His team at Conosco manages security for clients across both the Information Security and Cyber Security disciplines. Hylton firmly believes that security requires a duty of care for clients and that it must be business-risk and objective-driven first and foremost. His interests outside of work include riding motorcycles and continuous self-development and studying.

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