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Michael Susong (Senior Vice President, GardaWorld) | Trident Talks

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Michael Susong (Senior Vice President, GardaWorld) | Trident Talks

Ever wondered what it is like to set up the first world leading CTI provider? We are honoured to have Michael Susong join us as a guest on our show. From Military Officer, to CIA Officer, to Co-Founder of iSIGHT Partners, watch to hear the full story.

Mike was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations officer and awarded the CIA’s Intelligence Star for Heroism in the field. Serving in the US Army Major Susong completed multiple combat tours around the globe. He holds a master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence from the National Intelligence University, Washington DC.

In the private sector, Mike cofounded the cyber intelligence company, iSIGHT Partners (acquired by FireEye). He established the first cyber threat intelligence programs at Pacific Gas and Electric Company and at Visa Incorporated. He is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM™), Certified Protection Professional (CPP™), a Wildness First Responder, and a Black Rock Ranger.

Mike is a Senior Vice President for GardaWorld, the largest privately owned security company in the world.

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