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Gert-Jan Bruggink (Co-Founder, FalconForce) | Trident Talks

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Gert-Jan Bruggink (Co-Founder, FalconForce) | Trident Talks

Want to know what it's like building a Cyber Security Consultancy in lockdown? We spoke to Gert-Jan Bruggink about founding FalconForce this year.

Gert-Jan Bruggink is a cyber threat intelligence leader specialized in understanding adversary tradecraft and thereby helping leaders make more informed decisions. GJ has extensive experience at the crossing of offense, defence & strategic risk management and spend the last 10+ years specializing on providing leaders actionable threat intelligence products and building secure organizations. GJ is co-founder, cyber threat intelligence analyst and defensive specialist at FalconForce Netherlands and previously led the Dutch cyber threat intelligence team at a Big Four accounting firm.

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