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Annabel Jamieson Edwards (Cyber Defense Manager, Accenture) | Trident Talks

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Annabel Jamieson Edwards (Cyber Defence Manager, Accenture) | Trident Talks

Episode 13 is a fantastic and important episode. Josh and Annabel Jamieson Edwards discuss how we encourage more women into the industry and the initiatives Accenture UK are leading on to promote equality in the work place. Annabel Jamieson Edwards is a manager at Accenture where she’s responsible for the Cyber Transformation and Advisory practice in UK & Ireland. She has expertise in Cyber Defence, particularly cyber threat intelligence, and has led multiple international teams to deliver complex cyber security engagements for Fortune 500 clients and government entities.

Annabel has expertise in financially motivated cybercrime and geopolitical risk and has presented her research at international conferences and forums, including the Executive Women’s Forum, NATO and the European Space Agency. She also sits on the Review Board for CodeBlue, Asia’s largest security conference. She is an alumna of the University of Nottingham, with a Bachelor of Arts in theology, and King's College London, with a Master of Arts in intelligence and international security.

She graduated with first-class honors in both disciplines. Annabel is actively involved in campaigning for gender equality in the STEM professions; She leads the Accenture Security “Inclusion & Diversity Initiative for Gender” in the UK and is a project manager on the Accenture Cybersecurity Forum Women’s Council.

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