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Matt Hull (Threat Intelligence Manager, NCC Group) | Trident Talks

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Matt Hull (Threat Intelligence Manager, NCC Group) | Trident Talks

This week Josh speaks to Matt Hull (Threat Intelligence Manager, NCC Group).

A police detective of twelve years specialising in intelligence-led operations, covert online investigations and OSINT, Matt has also worked more recently as a penetration tester prior to becoming the lead for NCC Groups’ Threat Intelligence consultancy services.

In his current role, Matt has been actively engaged in, and led the Threat Intelligence element of multiple regulator driven exercises across several different frameworks (GBEST, CBEST, TIBER, AASE, iCAST). As well as this he oversees offensive OSINT engagements in relation to whole organisations or high-profile employees, and provides bespoke threat intelligence advisory services to companies across the globe.

Outside of ‘work’, Matt sits as a member of the CREST Cyber Threat Intelligence Professionals (CTIPS) sub-committee, is guest lecturer at the University of Chester, and a volunteer in Cheshire Constabulary’s Cyber Crime unit.

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