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​We have created an environment for thought leaders where innovation and collaboration are at the forefront of our success.
We are on a mission to change the perception of the recruitment industry. Come and join us build an international powerhouse.

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​No limit on career progression

​Unlimited annual leave

30% commission and annual team bonus

​Training and professional development

​Private medical insurance

Equal maternity and paternity leave

Annual, quarterly and monthly incentives

Flexible working environment
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Jade Heseltine
Jade Heseltine, Consultant - Contracts

​Trident Search is the first company I can genuinely say make me feel valued. Founded by Josh Keeley and Charlee Ryman, both of whom clearly understand that the greatest asset to their business is their employees and how important it is for us all to be treated as individuals.

Ryan Keeley
Ryan Keeley, Senior Consultant - Cyber Defence

​I was once a disbeliever in the recruitment industry. This all changed when I joined Trident Search. We strive to deliver on all our promises and go the extra mile for both candidate and client.

Samuel Berti
Samuel Berti, Senior Consultant - Cyber Defence

​As part of a growing company, you can really feel the impact you’re making, and you’re given every opportunity to upskill and train as part of your role.

Ellie O'Shea
Ellie O'Shea, Principal Consultant

​Trident Search are different to other agencies. We have a team full of ethical recruiters who genuinely want to support our candidates and clients to improve the industry.

Phoebe Wood
Phoebe Wood, Senior Consultant - Sales & Marketing

Trident Search is unlike any company I’ve worked for before – leadership is constantly reviewing processes and listening to feedback to make sure they create an enterprise that is employee lead and a joy to come to on a Monday morning.

Danielle Lang
Danielle Lang, Senior Consultant - Sales & Marketing

We have a fantastic team, company culture, outstanding awards and incentives. I left my old company because I wanted to be appreciated, treated fairly and rewarded for hard work. We really do stand out from the best!

Sean Hendon
Sean Hendon, Managing Consultant

​Trident Search has provided me with an opportunity to build the career I want. If you are ambitious, have exciting ideas and are a high performer, Trident Search will provide you with all the tools to help you become successful.

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