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Oz Alashe MBE (CEO & Founder of CybSafe) | Trident Talks

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Oz Alashe MBE (CEO & Founder of CybSafe) | Trident Talks

In this episode of Trident Talks, Oz Alashe MBE of CybSafe shares with us why he is so motivated to continue to educate organisations and people on the human risk of cyber security.

Oz Alashe MBE is CEO and Founder at CybSafe, an innovative and fast-growing British cyber security and data analytics tech company based at the prestigious Level39 tech community in Canary Wharf, London. A former UK Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, Oz is now focused on making society more secure by helping organisations effectively address the human aspect of cyber security.

He and his team have developed a cloud-based software platform that leverages advanced data analytics and cognitive computing technologies to measure and improve cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture. He has extensive experience and understanding in the areas of intelligence insight, complex human networks and the human component of cyber security risk. He is also passionate about reducing societal threats to stability and security by making the most of opportunities presented through advancements in technology.

Oz’s dynamic and socially-driven mission approach has attracted attention and interest from social commentators and decision makers keen to address the realities of cyber security and the impact on people, business and community. He is regularly asked to comment in national print and broadcast press, as well as speak at the events of national and international organisations. He often talks about issues relating to intelligence, cyber security, impactful leadership and the socio-tech challenges faced by society. Oz is also a keen advocate of social investment and has worked with several mentorship schemes and charities that aim to help young people from all walks of life to fulfill their potential. Oz was awarded an MBE in 2010 for his personal leadership in the most complex of conflict environments.

In 2020 he was made an Associate Fellow of The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI). the oldest defence and security think tank in the world. Oz is also an Expert Fellow at The Security, Privacy, Identity and Trust Engagement NetworkPlus (SPRITE+), a UK-wide network bringing together experts from academia, business and industry, government, and civil society to tackle existing and emerging challenges to trust and security in the digital age.

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